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TMR Hair Luxe Argan Oil with YE-X

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Tmr's Hair Luxe is formulated to repair and treat dry, brittle, frizzy hair. Infused with antioxidants, Argan oil penetrates into hair shaft enhancing elasticity for silkier long term shine, and nourishes for maximum hair growth. Infused with YE-X, a highly efficient transdermal carrier, delivering broad spectrum Omega (3,6,9) and key bio-nutrients to expedite and rebuild sensitized hair(cells). This non greasy alcohol free elixir subtly adds Ceramides to provide long lasting moisture for deep conditioning, while our synergistic silicone base helps to seal ends working as a heat and environmental shield. Hair Luxe leaves sensitized, overworked hair deeply nourished, and increases the life of color treated hair.

55ml/ 1.86 Fl.Oz.

DIRECTIONS : Apply lightly from the root and gently run down the entire length of hair ensuring tips are also treated. Lightly squeeze or pat to work oil into hair and fill damaged spots with the nutrient dense serum. May be applied throughout the day to treat dry, damaged, or sensitized hair due to external and environmental stresses.