3D Magnetic Magic Lash - Angie&Ash
3D Magnetic Magic Lash - Angie&Ash
3D Magnetic Magic Lash - Angie&Ash
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3D Magnetic Magic Lash

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A pair of easy-to-wear lashes with no glues or adhesives required. 

These Magic Lashes are ultra-lightweight and can be worn multiple times. The magnetic applicator allows for easy application, and the magnetic case protects and stores the lashes.

These beautiful Lash offers full volume and luxurious length. This versatile, bestselling lash goes with any look, from daytime to evening wear.

We’ve seen a lot of eye allergies from the glue used to apply lashes. 3D Magic Lashes has solved this problem. The lashes are safe, beautiful and easy to apply. Another of the many benefits of these lashes is that they can easily removed. 

This set contains:

  • 1 pair of false magic eyelashes
  • Mirrored magnetic lash case

How To Use: 
To apply by hand

-After applying eye makeup, gently place the top lash strip on top of your natural lashes so it lines up with the outer half of your lash line.
-With the top lash strip resting in place, bring the bottom lash strip (marked with a red dot) underneath your natural lashes, so their magnets align (Top and bottom lash strips will instantly clasp together, sandwiching your natural lashes securely in between).